Surely everyone heard the saying “home is where the heart is” at least once. If you haven’t you either don’t live in a primarily English speaking country or you are a recluse. Which if either of those statements apply to you, it is a mystery how you came to stumble upon this blog.

This saying has been weighing on my heart so heavily lately (alongside other quotes and songs about home) and it all brings me back to one idea. I have loved living at school, meeting wonderful new friends, growing as a person, and learning. Now that I’m a senior though, I have to think of my future. Where is my home?

For so many, I feel like this results in great conflict in their hearts and minds, but for me it is so so so simple. My heart, and consequently my home, has always been with my family. I say all the time that my hometown and the area immediately surrounding it is a great place and I want to live there because of this combined with the fact that there are great hospitals where I could get a job. This is true, but it’s not the reason I want to move back to the place I have always thought of as home.

All my plans for the future would be desolate if my siblings and my parents were only in them sparingly. There are points throughout every day that I wish that one of my family members were there to experience something with me that I think that would be fully appreciated by one of them or would make a joke about. For many I’m sure this is how they think of their best friends, but my siblings and my parents are best friends to me. Yes, I have very close friends who are not in my nuclear family, but to me those friends are family to me, just a different kind of family.

Realistically, it would be my dream to just buy a large lot of land in my favorite town and build homes for all the people I love most. I’ve posted before about how disappointing it is to grow up miles and miles away from your extended family, and I don’t want that for my kids. I want my future kids to have the opportunity to be close friends with their cousins and the future children of my best friends, while growing up in a great community in my beloved (adopted) home state.

For now, I hope my heart’s longing will be quieted a little by the idea that soon, so soon, I’ll be home.

Hope everyone has gotten a taste of fall! I have and I’m LOVING IT!!!




Unnamed friend (you know who you are–thanks for being a consistent reader) you will know the things I’m talking about better than anyone else so sorry for how sappy this might get.

It has been so long. So so so long since I thought I loved someone romantically. Most days I’m totally fine and it doesn’t bother me because I’m a believer in waiting on God’s timing, but sometimes it can be really hard to see the beauty of being single. I mean for the sake of all that is good, do I really think I have the time to maintain a romantic relationship? One’s emotions are not always reasonable, unfortunately.

I see these people my age getting engaged or in relationships heading in that direction, people who are so in love, people who have this person that they trust with their whole heart and to lead them to Christ and who they can fall back on always. I am almost always unbelievably excited for these people. Congrats to them for finding the person who is all the previously mentioned things for them. Sometimes though on top of that happiness for those couples I have a deep jealousy/sadness.

I haven’t had a romantic relationship in nearly 3 and a half years. I have been single since senior year of high school. Some days it does not feel like it’s been that long and some days it feels so much longer. Today is one of those days where I desperately want to be back in that last relationship (although it has occurred with other past boyfriends after seeing them) and I’m having to remind myself why we were not romantically compatible. I dated the guy twice, that’s probably enough times to know that it will not work out. He’s such a great guy and we’re still friends. Well, we were until the girlfriend he has currently, now I’m not so sure. Every time I see them together, I have mixed emotions because I think they are a poor match (nothing to do with wanting him back) and sometimes (rarely) because I miss being so close (girlfriend close) to him. Realistically, I just ache to be in love again…I say again, but when I look back on my high school relationships I don’t think I’ve actually been in love. I think I did love some of the boys that I dated but I don’t think I was in love with any of them. I think I was a bit lax about who I said “I love you” to in that stage of my life.

All of that being said, I know I should not wish away my single life because there are benefits to it, but I’m such a romantic. I say now that I wish a man would come along for me to love and that would be great except for the fact that it is my senior year of college. Maybe it’s not the best time for a relationship, but I was still sad when the only guy I’ve truly interested in (sadly, from a slight distance) walked by holding some other girl’s hand.

When it comes down to it, I’m nostalgic for what I thought at the time was love and it claws at my heart that I have not found love when people around me have found it. Tomorrow will be different I’m sure, but for today I’m feeling nostalgic for things of the past and hoping my future love will show up soon.

If you feel so inclined, please pray for my patience. Either way happy fall y’all!!


Memories: Love to have them, love to make them

I have had an idea weighing on me lately that I have really wanted to blog about and this is me getting around to it. Couple of reasons why it’s today: 1) it’s my 3 year anniversary of having this blog (!!!) and 2) the best time to blog is when I have other things to do that I am procrastinating on. Let’s get to it then.

This is it guys. My senior year of college. In 8 months and 5 days, I will be (God-willing) walking across a stage and being handed a degree. Within 3 weeks of that, I will take NCLEX. Where has college gone?

I know a lot of people feel their high school experience culminated with graduation and would say “I feel like graduation was just yesterday” in this moment, but that’s not what it is for me. It feels like just a few weeks ago, I was stepping off a football field. I was crying that I would never march with these people in competition again. I was standing in full retreat being shocked by our placement. I was laughing on a bus ride back to our school. I was singing our alma mater as we turned onto campus.

It wasn’t just a few weeks ago though, it was almost four whole years ago. My life has changed so much since then. I have had so many wonderful (and if not wonderful than at least meaningful) experiences. The person I am today is not the same person I was then and that is a good thing. I have made new friends and fell out of touch some old ones, who I miss dearly but still cherish the memories we have together. Life will keep going on like this. Four years from now, I will look back and remember putting on white scrubs for one ceremony and a black cap and gown for another. I will remember having my brother at school with me for one more year. I will smile fondly as I think of a year living in an apartment with two wonderful friends.

There is so much that is coming. I cannot know how any of it will turn out, that is not my place but the Lord’s. Even with all that is to come though, I find comfort in the memories I already have, the memories I am making, and the knowledge that I am constantly making more to cherish. What will I get to think back to a decade from now and smile? An awkward start to something wonderful? Getting dressed for a wedding and laughing with the ladies I love most? The birth of a child or a few?

No matter if those are not the memories I get to make, because every memory is a great gift. And as I go through this chapter, where it seems like most of the memories I am making are kind of bittersweet, I thank a good and gracious Lord for all the beautiful memories that I love to remember so much.


Wishing you all the best (and for cooler weather)


Thoughts Of A Rising Senior

Long time no post. I apologize for the gap, but not for enjoying my summer in all the easiest ways (i.e. Being wickedly lazy while not at work)

I went to an amusement park this weekend with my family (bonus: it was free because the company my dad works for paid for our tickets. Just the best.) and conquered tons of thrill rides. I have previously been to this park so I’ve been on all the roller coasters there before but since I last went a new one went up. This new ride is faster, taller, and longer than any other in the park. All day, my sisters and I joked with our dad (my mom and brother didn’t go because they are not thrill seekers in the least) that riding it would probably be a one-and-done kind of thing. While we were standing in line I was ridiculously nervous.

Seriously guys, you can’t even hear the riders scream while standing right near the coaster because the speed whips their cries into the air and away. Insanity.

Anyway, we’re standing in this line and it’s the longest wait we’ve had all day since this is the newest ride and I’m thinking to myself “oh man, I don’t think I can do this” to the point that I’m about to psych myself out, but we finally get to the front before that happens. I’m locked into my seat (with no shoulder harness mind you, even though you go sideways) and that’s it we’re off. The climb up was none like I’ve ever experienced. It was swift even at the beginning and picked up even more when we neared the top, then we shot down the (almost completely vertical) first hill at exhilarating but terrifying speed.

Why am I telling you this? Because metaphors, that’s why. High school was that long line and as I approached graduation, I got to be as nervous and as excited as I’d been yet. Then I graduated; I was locked into the college I would attend and was off into “adulthood.”

Freshman through junior year have been that quick assent up the hill with junior year just a little more rapid than my first two years. Now, I’m about getting myself mentally ready for the incredibly rapid drop that will be my senior of college that will send me careening into the rest of the ups and downs of life. Am I ready? Who knows? But it’s happening all the same so I might as well make the most of it.

Just as a side note on the actual roller coaster experience I finished the ride out with giggles that showed the exhilaration high I was coming off of as did my sisters (dads too stoic for giggles), but the row behind as did not finish it out so pleasantly. The girl directly behind me, puked TWICE on the girl beside her as we rolled into the station. We stuck to our joke of only riding that coaster once after we were present for that little mishap.


Hope everyone is having the most enjoyable of summers. Here’s a picture of the beach, in case you don’t get to go.




The end of this semester was ridiculous, but I survived. Nothing below a B. Tearing up nursing school like a champ.

Now that it is summer, I’m working in a church nursery and paying my rent. Being an adult can be frustrating sometimes, but paying rent on my apartment is such a satisfying feeling.

I am so looking forward to not having homework or studying for tests. Finally, I have time for reading leisurely! In honor of summertime and free time, here’s a list of 20 things that I’d love to do this summer:

  1. Read at least 15 books for fun.
  2. Go camping.
  3. Play outside at least once a week.
  4. Learn to cook a new meal.
  5. Lighten my hair up using lemon juice.
  6. Go rafting.
  7. Drive to the beach and spend a day diving through the waves.
  8. Hiking. All the hiking.
  9. Watch the first season of House of Cards.
  10. Fly a kite.
  11. Go for a bike ride.
  12. Ride on a Ferris wheel.
  13. Eat an ice cream cone.
  14. Go horseback riding.
  15. Make lemonade from scratch.
  16. Blow bubbles with my friends.
  17. Catch fireflies.
  18. Swing in a hammock.
  19. Eat watermelon and have a seed spitting contest.
  20. Enjoy the heat and get a suntan.


I really just want to enjoy my last summer before I am a full on adult with a full time job. Let me know what you plan on doing this summer!

Happy May everyone!!


End of Semester Blues and 50 Things I Love

Writing this post is probably a terrible use of my time at this point in the school year, I could be studying…or sleeping. Oh well, you only live once.

Anybody currently in college knows exactly what I am talking about when I say that this is the most hellish part of the semester. To all the seniors out there, I believe in you. This is the last time (unless you’re super driven and are going on to do a graduate program) that you have to make it through the last terrible month in class. All the projects are due. For some reason all your professors scheduled 2 tests in the last month of class. On top of that, cumulative final exams are lurking just around the corner. My goodness.

In order to combat all the misery of studying until you want to cry, I figured I would make list a 50 things that I love. They aren’t in any order, I just typed up things I love as I thought of them. Hopefully, y’all will like some of these too and will therefore have your day brightened. Sorry if you do not share my love of these things, but I hope it inspires you to think of things you really love. Let’s get to it.

  1. Spotify (Free music access. Enough said.)
  2. Talking to interesting people. (and talking, just in general)
  3. Rocking chairs.
  4. Wrap around porches.
  5. Zillow (I freaking love houses. I can literally look at them for hours.)
  6. Spending time with family.
  7. Walks with my mom.
  8. Friends that are there for me even when I neglect them when my life gets completely crazy at school (sorry!!!)
  9. Playing with my sister’s silly dog.
  10. Singing along to most any song. (recent favorite: Let’s Get Lost Carly Rae Jepsen all-time favorite: Saltwater Room Owl City)
  11. Parks and Recreation. (Leslie and Ben forever)
  12. The icee stand in my hometown.
  13. The movie Secondhand Lions. Go watch it now, if you’ve never seen it (or if you have seen it).
  14. Mint flavored things (did you know you can get a just mint milkshake at Cookout??)
  15. The softness of the inside of a brand new hoodie.
  16. Wearing dresses.
  17. Dresses or skirts that have pockets.
  18. SHOES. It is a problem how many I have.
  19. Knitting.
  20. The smell of laundry drying.
  21. Driving back roads.
  22. Driving with the windows down.
  23. Hiking in the mountains.
  24. Waterfalls.
  25. Coloring with crayons (Markers are not as good. It’s not even close)
  26. Phineas and Ferb. Especially Agent P.
  27. Marching band (clarinets are the best around).
  28. Christmas time and all that goes with it (decorating, baking, caroling, etc.).
  29. Reading for fun (sadly I have had little time for this, but soon I will).
  30. Swimming.
  31. Cold lemonade.
  32. A really good pair of sunglasses.
  33. Walking barefoot in long, soft grass.
  34. Stargazing in the country (it is such much better away from the lights of a town).
  35. Bonfires with awesome people.
  36. Rearranging a room after it’s been a certain way for a couple of months (I like to change it up when I get bored of a setup).
  37. Non-matching socks.
  38. Ranch dressing on chicken tenders.
  39. Bojangles french fries.
  40. Peanut Butter Crunch.
  41. Meeting new people (They haven’t hear all my favorite stories yet).
  42. Big comfy sweaters.
  43. New York Cheesecake ice cream from Bruster’s Real Ice Cream.
  44. Zumba classes (it’s more fun in a group).
  45. Popcorn x1,000,000,000.
  46. Sleeping in over-sized t-shirts.
  47. Having a uniform that consists of scrubs, when other majors have to wear dress clothes.
  48. Painting my toenails but not my fingernails.
  49. My Chevy HHR.
  50. Jesus Christ.

I hope you enjoyed this. Let me know some things you love in the comments if you feel so moved or if we love any of the same things.

Think of puppies and little kitty cats and push through the last few weeks! You’ve got this!!


Story time (trying something new)

For those of you who have read multiple posts from me, you have likely noticed that my blog is a major hodge-podge of things. I never really intended it to be anything in particular, but it has definitely had a tendency to be about my daily life and things I experience thus far. This post is going to be a bit different. I recently had a dream and I kind of grabbed the general idea from that and wrote a short story, which I am going to share here. I am a very amateur writer so please do not judge too harshly and I will not be offended if nobody makes it to the end of this post. Here goes nothing


Seeing moving trucks in front of his house as I approach it for the first time hurts more than I thought it would and I have to choke back tears. Determined, I pull in next to his ancient Chevy and throw it in park. Just as I slam my car door, Henry comes out of the front door, holding it open for a couple of movers carrying the couch on which we had watched movies, kissed, and cried together. Someone shouts “Henry!” When he spins toward me, I realize I am the one who called for his attention. His face shows his surprise and unmistakable happiness as he jogs over.

“Did you come to see me off Liza? I was afraid I wouldn’t get to see you before I left,” he asks. His accent, distinctly British but with certain American undertones, melts my heart and I just want to kiss him. No. He’s leaving tomorrow.  “I couldn’t let you leave without seeing you one last time!” I start off sweetly, but quickly turn serious”plus, I have something to say.” Henry’s smile disappears and his brow furrows in concern, “Is everything alright?” His concern touches me and I almost change my mind.

Before I could think of something else that could possibly be “important,” what I really came to say tumbles out of my mouth. “The last 3 weeks have been terrible. I know I broke up with you, but all the reasons I gave you were lies. My love for you hasn’t changed, but when you told me you were leaving…” my voice cries and Henry starts to break in. “No. Let me finish.” He graciously complies. “There was no way I could imagine drop everything right now–my family, my job, my friends–with barely any notice, I still can’t. And it would be selfish of me to ask you to turn down a dream job opportunity and stay here. I won’t ask you to stay, it’s unfair, but I couldn’t let you go without you knowing how much I love you. I’ve been telling my bedroom walls that I love you since the last time I saw you and I couldn’t let you believe a lie.” I finally breathe. “That’s it. I don’t want you to give me an irrational, purely emotional response so I’m gonna go.” I lean toward him, breathe in his scent, and kiss his cheek, “Goodbye my love.”

I run to my car, hop in, and back out of his driveway. His watchfulness is evident out of the corner of my eye, but I don’t look back as I drive away from my greatest love.

Curled up with my head in my sister’s lap, I sob. Laura pulls my hair back off of my face. “Lizzie, you cannot beat yourself up over this. It is what it is. I know you wanted him to able to go without worrying about you, but he probably would have worried about you unless you went with him. There was no avoiding that.” I slowly start to catch my breath enough to speak when Laura’s phone rings. “One sec,” she says looking down at her phone screen. “Hello? Uhhh, yeah I guess I could do that.” she covers the mic and whispers to me “I’ll be back in just a minute.”

As she walks up the stairs to her room, I flip over the pillow to the dry side. Laura is right, I know. Does that mean I’m okay with that? Definitely not. It is hard to believe that Henry only told me about the job offer in Chicago less than a month. Less than a month ago my life was nearly perfect, and now I don’t know what adjective to use.

My phone rings and I look down to see his lovely smile on my screen. My heart skips in my chest. Fingers trembling, I answer the phone. “Henry?” His voice warms me head to toe “Liza, what are you doing right now?” I try not to sniffle, “I’m at my parents’ house hanging out with Laura, why?” There’s a little mischief in his voice as he says, “I want you to go get ready for a nice dinner and meet me downtown at the gazebo.” I start to respond, but he cuts in “you got to do all the talking this afternoon. See you at 7:30 darling.” The line goes dead, but I just stand there.

Steps behind me break my trance and I spin around. Laura must see something different on my face and the corner of her mouth tics upward in a little smile. “What’s going on?” I let myself giggle a little, “Henry called me. He told me to go home and get ready for a fancy dinner at 7:30” Now she smiles for real, “what are we still doing here?”

Laura and my other sister, Sara, get me ready, only allowing to give my opinion a few times during the whole process. As I drive downtown, I must admit they made me look good and I smile. My hands are shaking a little on the steering wheel as I pull into the lot of the park where our favorite gazebo is located. There are no other cars as I park, but the gazebo is lit up like I have never seen and I make my way over to it. Henry is standing behind a table with candles, flowers, and plates with silver domes covering our dinner. He breathes out slowly when he sees me and grins. “Hello, beautiful. I’m so glad you could join me.” He pulls back my chair and I take a seat. “Henry, this is so lovely, but what are…” He shushes me gently. “Liza, I want you to hear me out. Okay?” I manage a smile which I hope appears sweet, but is probably more nervous looking, “Sure, I’ll try to be quiet.”

Henry is all dimples as he takes a breath. “I applied for this job when we first started dating, over a year ago. Never did I think my life would be what it was a month ago. I didn’t know I would be so madly in love with you…” His eyes are tearing up, and I smile encouragingly, but say nothing.”…I also didn’t think I would get the position. It was more of a dream than anything and I barely thought about it until decision time was coming up. When I actually got it, I was so happy! Now two of my greatest dreams were coming true. In the middle of some plans I was making, I read the email about when they wanted me to start and I was spun around. I had a lot planned for the day after you told me you didn’t love me.” Henry looks up and I can see he’s holding back tears, I reach across the table and grab his hand. “I’m sorry I lied to you. I thought it would help make your decision easier.” I whisper. He nods and continues, “That date I had planned, was similar to this one. It had the candles, the flowers, and this,” Henry lifts the silver lid off my plate and I suddenly can’t breathe.

Henry takes the box off the plate and gets down on one knee. “Liza. Being your husband is my dream job. I didn’t know that when I sent in that application all those months ago, but I know it now. My life is not what I want it to be without you in it. I don’t want that job if you aren’t with me and I don’t want for you to be unhappy. If your want for me to be by your side is selfish, then I’m selfish too because I never want to be without you by my side. Elizabeth Morris will you make me the happiest man alive and marry me?” I breathe “of course”

Over dinner I ask Henry about his job. “This afternoon, I thought about what you said for about 30 minutes and then I called the firm.” I giggle, “a whole 30 minutes, huh?” In all seriousness Henry states, “that’s all the time I needed to decide. Well, they are apparently accepting applications for a similar position that will be opening in a year and a half. They’re willing to consider me for that position and it’s far enough out that we can a plan the wedding and get married. It’s something for us to consider together and decide on, but it’s an option.”

One look at my sweet future husband and I know “I think, we can handle being newlyweds in the windy city.”



Well that’s it. Like I said this story is based very, very loosely on a dream I had. I hope you liked it or at least that you didn’t hate it. Thanks for making it through if you did.