A Time for Change?

Three days. I will have my degree in hand in three days.

“You must be so excited!” everyone who hears I am graduating soon say. I am so so SO excited, don’t get me wrong, but nobody ever notes the other emotions graduates are feeling. Not a single soul has asked about the other emotions I am meeting in this “change of life” stage. Stress, nostalgia, sadness, joy, pride, gratitude, love. These are all emotions I have cycled through in recent weeks.

Yes, I am done with all the requirements that my university requires of me in order to earn my degree, but I still have a large test looming in my future. One cannot become a registered nurse without passing NCLEX, so even though I have a job lined up it is dependent upon passing an exam. Thus, I am still feeling some stress.

Recently, I have had photos and posts from the ends of school years spanning from freshmen year of high school to last year. My sisters’ college graduations have popped up, junior and senior proms, moving out of dorm rooms, and AP exams my senior year of high school have all come across my Timehop. There have been such massive changes in my life and yet there are lots of constants in my life. Unbelievable amounts of nostalgia have hit me as I have walked around my university’s campus.

This nostalgia has made me feel full but it some ways it makes me really sad that there are chapters of my life that are closing. High school does not feel long ago at all and yet my college days are coming to an end.

Though I am sad that college is ending, I am overjoyed that I am about to be a nurse. Caring for people is all I have ever wanted to do, it is why I have worked so hard,  and now I am shifting into a part of my life where that is what I will be doing!

This degree is not something that I could laze about and still earn. There has been literal sweat and actual tears on this journey. I was not handed the chance to graduate I worked really hard to reach this achievement and I am not ashamed to say that I am proud of myself.

Though I have put in the work to earn this degree, there is no way I would be where I am without God, my parents, my siblings, my friends, and all kinds of super awesome people in my life. There is a slew of people that I am so blessed by and for whom I am unbelievably grateful.

Constant throughout the past few weeks (and basically always in reality) has been a feeling of love. Love for my school that has given me unforgettable experiences and tons of knowledge. Love for my friends from various chapters of my life who give me constant encouragement and never abandon me (even though I can be a lot to handle) Love for the profession of which I am so excited to be a part. Love for my amazing parents and siblings, who are the best people I know and who are always willing to listen to me.  The most love for the Word, the source of all love, my constant companion, my Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ.


If you know someone who is graduating or just graduated, keep in mind that they are probably experiencing lots of emotions. Be excited for them, but ask them how they are really feeling. Congratulations to all the graduates out there!

Pray for me and everyone else who are facing tests that stand between them and the professions they are pursuing



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