Moving On Up

Adult life story time everybody. Get excited.

Recently, I have applied for many RN positions in the area I want to live in following graduation. (For those who do not know: yes you can apply for nursing jobs in anticipation of receiving your license even if you do not have it yet.) Up until Tuesday, I had not heard from anybody following up on any of those applications. Of course Tuesday, I was at work all day and I work at a day school taking care of kids so it was not like I could say “hold on kids, I have to take this phone call.” By the time I was able to call back that evening the only option was leaving a message so I decided to call again in the morning.

When I called Wednesday morning, I knew they wanted to set up an interview but I had no idea they wanted me to come in that afternoon. Was not scheduled for work that afternoon, so I spent the day mentally prepping for a 4 o’clock interview for my first grown-up job.

I am excited to say that the interview went really well! They seemed to really like me and be impressed by my answers to their questions. I really liked the environment and the job itself would be so great: 8-5 hours, no weekends, no holidays, and I’d get to work with kids? Sign me up.

They’ve got another person to interview this coming week so I will not know whether I got the job until after that individual has been interviewed, but I am excited by the prospect that I could have this job. Shifting into this new stage of my life is scary and invigorating all at the same time so here’s to adulthood.

Hope everyone is enjoying the spring (even if you have seasonal allergies like me)!



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