I Feel Like a Woman

Part of me wants to ignore the events of this weekend. There are women on either side of a great divide, and sadly a lot are being thrown directly into the great chasm. I am proud of all those who stand up for what they believe and draw attention to issues they care about, but there are some issues I have with many of the marches that occurred this weekend.

First of all, it seems to me that the word “feminism” is being thrown around a lot, but without a full understanding of what it is. Merriam-Webster defines feminism as “the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes.” This sounds great, in theory. There is a roadblock from making this an achievable goal though that everyone is ignoring. Men and women are both humans, but we are so different that equality really is not possible and we would not really want it. Home insurance and automobile insurance are both great, but it would not make sense if the coverage was the same.

Secondly, why in the world would women who are pushing for women’s rights intentionally disclude a large group of women who also want to march???? Nobody seems to be talking about this, but pro-lifers who were excited to be a part of the women’s marches across the nation were turned away. When women tear each other down, how are we supposed to rise up? It makes no sense to me that you would call an event a “women’s march” if you will not allow all women to be represented.

On top of all of this, there are people on social media who are ripping down women who are self proclaimed feminists, most notably Taylor Swift. T. Swift speaks out often about her opinion of what would be good for women and surrounds herself with strong lady friends. She did not attend a march. The internet sure as anything noticed and there are many who are attempting to decimate her reputation. There is no reason for this. All of us should encourage each other: women should encourage women, men should encourage women, women should encourage men and men should encourage men. We are all on this planet trying to make the most of life here on Earth so be positive and help others.

Today and everyday, I am a woman who stands for what she believes in and human rights for all.


P.S. political comments are welcome as long as they are thoughtful and civilized.


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