Surely everyone heard the saying “home is where the heart is” at least once. If you haven’t you either don’t live in a primarily English speaking country or you are a recluse. Which if either of those statements apply to you, it is a mystery how you came to stumble upon this blog.

This saying has been weighing on my heart so heavily lately (alongside other quotes and songs about home) and it all brings me back to one idea. I have loved living at school, meeting wonderful new friends, growing as a person, and learning. Now that I’m a senior though, I have to think of my future. Where is my home?

For so many, I feel like this results in great conflict in their hearts and minds, but for me it is so so so simple. My heart, and consequently my home, has always been with my family. I say all the time that my hometown and the area immediately surrounding it is a great place and I want to live there because of this combined with the fact that there are great hospitals where I could get a job. This is true, but it’s not the reason I want to move back to the place I have always thought of as home.

All my plans for the future would be desolate if my siblings and my parents were only in them sparingly. There are points throughout every day that I wish that one of my family members were there to experience something with me that I think that would be fully appreciated by one of them or would make a joke about. For many I’m sure this is how they think of their best friends, but my siblings and my parents are best friends to me. Yes, I have very close friends who are not in my nuclear family, but to me those friends are family to me, just a different kind of family.

Realistically, it would be my dream to just buy a large lot of land in my favorite town and build homes for all the people I love most. I’ve posted before about how disappointing it is to grow up miles and miles away from your extended family, and I don’t want that for my kids. I want my future kids to have the opportunity to be close friends with their cousins and the future children of my best friends, while growing up in a great community in my beloved (adopted) home state.

For now, I hope my heart’s longing will be quieted a little by the idea that soon, so soon, I’ll be home.

Hope everyone has gotten a taste of fall! I have and I’m LOVING IT!!!



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